seo audit services.

We provide a comprehensive SEO audit of your site with 200 check points.

Receive actionable insights for every technical, on-page and user experience issue.

the most comprehensive SEO audit.

To say our SEO audits are comprehensive would be an understatement.

With over 200 check points, we provide an unrivaled analysis of every technical, structural and on-page issue on your site.

What’s more?

Your SEO audit is completely tailored and bespoke.

The recommendations are based on the solutions that are right for your website or specific requirements.

the report.

The report consists of a large-scale checklist of SEO issues with a summary and recommendations for next steps.

And what’s more… we also provide all of the actionable data in separate tabs so you have full access to begin fixing the issues yourself.

SEO audit data

The audit alone equips you with all the information you need to tackle the issues found. But you can also employ us to methodically fix all of the issues as part of a project or retainer if you like. 


If you commission a full SEO audit from us, you also get free consultation on the issues found for the following week.

This means that if there’s anything you are unsure about or you would like some further explanation, we’re here to help for no additional cost.

BONUS discount

As an extra bonus, if you purchase an SEO audit from us, we will arrange a 10% discount on additional services including:

  • An SEO project
  • A monthly retainer*
  • An ad hoc report, service or consultation

*Discount applies to the first 3 months.

what checks does the SEO audit include?

technical audit.




meta data.

site architecture.

Developing a clean, clear and strategic site structure is crucial for SEO and user experience. We check existing URL folders to analyse where optimisations can be made.


Image SEO on its own can be incredibly powerful. We crawl the site to look for images that are too large, those missing alt text and those that could be optimised.

backlink audit.

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors and so it’s important to analyse the strength, quality and relevance of domains pointing to the site.

mobile optimisation.

Google utilises mobile-first optimisation which means if your site is not mobile-friendly, you’re at a disadvantage. We look at device responsiveness to assess how optimised the site build is.


Reviewing site metrics gives us a clearer picture of where site issues might lie. Looking at organic performance and organic keyword rankings from the lens of the backlink audit can indicate where on-page problems might lie.

local SEO audit.

Local ranking factors are vital for local businesses but many national or international brands can benefit from improving local SEO in strategic places.

negative practice checks.

Many websites fail due to old habits for building out pages. We pick up on negative practices across the site and suggest improvements.

user journeys.

Organic traffic is worthless unless it is accompanied by a seamless user experience. We look at user journeys and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to identify areas of improvement.

SEO audit goals.

The goal of our SEO audit is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to fix the issues we find. 

That’s why we make our audits comprehensive, easy to understand and inclusive of consultation.

overcoming barriers.

Many of our clients come to us with specific problems in mind that they would like advice about. 

If you let us know beforehand then we can certainly review those issues and give our expert recommendations.

This could be any issue or problem, from subdomain strategy to site structure. 

If there is a website barrier that has been bugging you, we will endeavour to investigate.

tailored advice.

What’s more, if you commission a full SEO audit from us, you also get free consultation on the issues found, over the course of the following week.

This means that you have SEO experts at your disposal to help you work through any application queries, understanding technical issues and any other queries you might have.


how long do SEO audit services take?

After commissioning the audit we advise of a delivery time of two weeks. We will never take longer than that but we often deliver much quicker.

how much does an SEO audit cost?

That depends on the site. For most sites we charge around £850 but if the site is extremely large or complex the cost will be slightly higher.

does it matter what CMS I use?

Only to a degree. We tailor the recommendations to be relevant and so the CMS you use simply helps us dictate the best solutions.

will you fix the issues you find?

If you commission an SEO audit on its own then we don’t make the fixes for you. If you employ us on a project or retainer basis then we can absolutely make those fixes. Find out more about our services.

how long does the free consultation last?

One week. We would love to help you indefinitely but if you need further support after one week, we recommend enquiring about a small retainer or project.

how is the free consultation conducted?

Any way you like within reason! Typically clients put together a list of questions which they ask us over email or over the phone. We can also join a Slack, Skype or Google channel if you would prefer us to be part of a team discussion.

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