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We are a unique SEO agency made up of SEO experts with over 35 years combined experience. We compliment our industry expertise with outstanding communication to help deliver consistent organic growth and memorable customer experience.





What we do

We are experts at turning websites into organic growth machines! We firmly believe that SEO is the most important and effective digital marketing methodology at your disposal, and our strategies heavily reflect that.

We have 30+ years experience working with clients from every industry, overcoming any challenges thrown our way. We’ve built websites from scratch, turned around declining websites and set hundreds of sites onto paths of high growth.

Our robust optimisation methods are tried and tested. Our expertise help us audit, analyse, research and develop strategies that are outstandingly effective. We track progress and deliver reports to show the fruits of our labour. 

We utilise our range of skills and experience to tailor our strategy to your industry and unique challenges.

Full SEO Audit

Every new project starts with a full SEO audit looking to flag the technical and on-page issues that are holding the site back.


What does growth look like for your site? And how does it align with your goals? We plan out a long-term strategy for growth and align together with our optimisation tasks and technical fixes.

Technical Fixes

Technical issues are a priority, from SSL issues all the way to site speed, we get these fixed as a matter of urgency.


We use robust optimisation techniques to deliver consistent organic growth. Opportunities are identified through intensive research and implemented through expert precision. 

What makes us different?

At Definitely Digital our team is 100% remote which means that we save on expensive overheads such as office space and pass those savings on to you. Our business is technically located in London but we pride ourselves on being digital first, so our whole service is delivered online.


We pride ourselves on forming outstanding client relationships as we believe communication is the most important aspect of what we do. We schedule regular calls, provide constant updates and are always available for consultation whenever you have questions. We are available on Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts, phone and any way you would like to communicate.

We know how frustrating it is to work with companies who are slow to respond. That’s why we prioritise our response time and make ourselves available above all other tasks.

Working with us

At Definitely Digital, we pride ourselves on our processes, clarity and transparency. We begin every SEO project by getting under the skin of the company to understand the product, goals, and long-term plans.

We then begin our work with a full technical and on-page SEO audit to identify issues and opportunities. Next we develop a long-term strategy for organic growth and vision to achieve our goals.

We map out the entire project into tasks in a shared workbook that you can access at any time to follow along with the process. If you request implementation, each task will be added here too!

SEO Packages

Ad hoc

Commission an ad hoc project such as an SEO audit, keyword research, a strategy roadmap or consultation. Receive reports with detailed analysis & next steps.


Discuss a monthly retainer to receive ongoing SEO deliverables and support for an agreed contract period. Agree the number of hours per month & project scope for an accurate quote.

Full monty

Unleash your site’s full potential by allowing our team to fix, implement, optimise and develop your website based on our research and expertise. Perfect for those looking for fast, effective results.
From £350. 
From £440 p/m.
From £720 p/m.

Limited Time Offer

We are looking to build up our client portfolio and so we are offering new clients 10% off all of our SEO services!

Get in touch today for a quote and use the promo code DEFINITELY10. This offer will expire on 31 May 2020.

Contact us

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